Frequently Asked Questions

Are the treatment rooms individual?
Yes, all treatments are done individually in a private room.

Are there contracts?
No, there are no contracts.  There is no obligation to starting or continuing care once started in the office.  After the initial health exam, chiropractic assessment, and x-ray study (if applicable), an appropriate chiropractic care plan will be recommended.  These recommendations are based on what you would like to achieve in our office.  There is no obligation to these recommendations, and care can be discontinued at any point without penalty.

How long will it take?
At Thrive Chiropractic, your care is based on subjective as well as objective findings.  By way of orthopedic testing and thermographic nerve system scans, we can track your progress.  Since you are a unique individual, with unique anatomy, and have experienced distinct events throughout your life, it is impossible to give a defined time-line to recovery.

On average, patients can begin to feel improvements within one to two weeks.  Some experience immediate change.  Based on clinical experience, we have found it usually takes 12-24 weeks of initial corrective care to maintain long-lasting results.

Every individual is different and progress and healing can also be affected by lifestyle and daily habits i.e. posture, extended computer usage, and repetitive strain for example.

To ensure lasting results, recommended visit frequency is an average of 2-3 visits per week initially, depending on your x-ray findings and length of time you’ve been experiencing your current health concern(s).  It is much like working out, in the sense that you can’t expect to see drastic changes in your body after only a few trips to the gym.  It takes time, but once you’re there, it becomes easier to maintain the progress you’ve made.

Once you and your nerve system begin to show signs of improvement, visit frequency decreases as your body continues to adapt and heal.

Does it hurt?
For most people, an adjustment does not hurt. In rare occasions it may be less than comfortable. Much like muscle pain after a workout, restoring motion to a misaligned or ‘stuck’ joint may cause tenderness in some individuals.  In this instance, applying an ice pack for 20 mins should relieve any discomfort (can be reapplied after 2 hrs if needed).

Do I have to go forever?
No, you do not have to go forever. The choice is yours. After proper nerve system function is restored, it is recommended you have periodic visits to ensure continued progress and help prevent a recurrence of your health or mobility concerns.  It is important to remember that over time, our daily habits (i.e. posture) and activities (or lack thereof), often recreate the same imbalances or misalignments you were experiencing before.  Also, in the chance you experience a slip/fall, injury, or trauma it is recommended you be re-checked.

Do you direct bill?
Thrive Chiropractic does bill MPI (Manitoba Pubilc Insurance) and WCB (Workers Compensation Board of MB) directly for Chiropractic services related to an active claim.  We do not, however, bill directly to 3rd party insurance companies i.e. Great West Life, Sun Life Insurance. We would be happy to provide itemized statements to send to your insurer for prompt reimbursement.