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River Heights Winnipeg Chiropractor
‘I have had a serious neck injury due to several whiplash accidents and have seen multiple medical professionals who could not assist me. Dr. Bryon is the first person I have see that has made me feel hopeful that my chronic pain and headaches can be relieved. He is extremely skilled in upper cervical neck care and I trust that he has my health and well being as his main focus. The staff is excellent and the office is a beautiful peaceful space to have a treatment in. I was very nervous to get chiropractic adjustments but Dr. Bryon walks you through every step and will not adjust if you are not comfortable. I can not express how grateful I feel to have found Dr. Bryon after so many years of chronic pain. I would recommend his practice to anyone.’
Anonymous, post 2015
‘Dr. Doerksen and his wife are wonderful people! They are professional, helpful and take the time to explain what they are doing. I have been to other chiropractors where you just feel like you are a number but with Dr.Doerksen you feel truly cared about. I struggle with migraines and through the care of Dr.Doerksen I have found great relief! Thrive Chiropractic is the place to go!!!’
Anonymous, post 2014
‘Bryon Doerksen is very good at what he does. He is very knowledgeable. He practices differently than most chiropractors. He uses x-rays and heat measurement to accurately find, assess and solve the problem. I have been pain and problem free for months now which is more than I can say about any other chiropractor I have been too. He explains the process of healing as you go through it so that you understand how to keep yourself healthy. They were punctual and polite and extremely helpful. Would recommend Bryon Doerksen to anyone.’
Anonymous, post 2013
‘A couple years ago I was injured in a quad accident, where I sustained various injuries including a severe concussion, which seemed to linger on for some time.

My experience at Thrive was very professional and began with a detailed evaluation of why I was continuing to have PCS (Post-Concussive Symptoms). The x-rays and explanation of my spine seemed to point to a problem with my upper neck.

With some adjustments of my neck and monitoring of the nerve flow, the symptoms of what I thought were PCS have seemed to fade away.’

‘FINALLY my pelvis is fixed thanks to Thrive Chiropractic Winnipeg. Feeling great!’
‘When I first came to Thrive with a major knee injury I was hardly able to work. I was nervous therapy wouldn’t be enough and I would require surgery to move normally again.

I began Athletic Therapy care with Eleni, and as a result the pain continued to decrease while my strength and mobility increased. I experienced such good results that I was able to avoid surgery completely. I am very grateful to the team at Thrive, for their knowledge and care and for getting me walking again.

I look forward to booking a hiking trip to Grand Canyon to celebrate my recovery.’

‘I was nervous about going in to get adjusted and Bryon and his team made me feel right at home! Beautiful clinic! I highly recommended it!’
Over a year ago, I started experiencing sharp pains and swelling on the bottom off my feet. They flared up so much that that the pain made it impossible to even sleep at night. I have always had a very active lifestyle and this injury prevented me from running for over a year. Being on my feet all day at work became intolerable.

I went to a few physiotherapists, and even tried laser treatment. I was beyond frustrated over the amount of money and time this was taking to heal. Finally after a second orthotic, the pain started to diminish but I still wasn’t able to return fully to running or even walk bare foot.

I was recommended by a friend to go see Eleni for Athletic Therapy. Just after the first few treatments I had noticed a HUGE difference. With the initial examination, she thoroughly explained what exactly my injury was and what we were going to do to treat it. With soft tissue release, ultra sound and acupuncture, I instantly felt a release in my feet. She explained simple but effective icing techniques and exercises to strengthen my arch again. My feet are on the way to being strong, and I was even able to try yoga again, PAINFREE!!!

I am beyond grateful for all that Eleni has done to help me. The professionalism, knowledge and genuine care the team at Thrive have for their patients is just incredible. I highly recommend everyone to go see them. I wish I had a year ago!

‘After trying several Chiropractic offices in Winnipeg, I now only go to Thrive Chiropractic. Wonderful people, professional and VERY good at their craft. From décor to service, everything is top notch.

I would recommend them to anyone looking for a Chiropractor or just looking for an upgrade to their current options.’