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Physique Massage Therapy


‘I know that I am meant to be helping others; I recognize my ability to listen and truly hear what you are telling me about your body, concerns you have and discomforts you are experiencing. You will feel comfort in my honesty and integrity as I work with you to forge a plan of action to get you back to your optimal self.

Entrust me to restore your body so that you can resume your unlimited life.’

Fee Schedule

Urban Massage (35 minutes)


Upper, Lower or Full Body Massage (50 minutes)

Prenatal/Postnatal Massage (50 Minutes)


Physique Classique (80 minutes)

Premium Massage (120 minutes)



Add Ons:

Facial/scalp Massage (15 minutes)

Cupping (15 minutes)                                                  

Meditation time (20 minutes)

SAD Light (Winter only) FREE


* All prices + tax

Massage Therapy Hours

  • M, T  8-12 and 2-4:30
  • W  2-6
  • Th 8-12 and 2-4:30
  • F  8-12

    *Extended hours for Oct-Dec: M-F 8am-9pm & Sat/Sun 10-4*


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